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14 september 2018


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My name is Danielle Bourne, a medical doctor and concert pianist from the Netherlands. Last year, I met Nkhoma Hospital Band during my surgery internship in Nkhoma Mission Hospital, Malawi. The first time I heard them play their music really touched me. So full of passion, so full of joy and hope. Something I rarely experienced during my musical career in Holland or in hospitals in Holland. I started playing and training with them every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and discovered that their talents were even greater than I could imagine.  Their trainings were really intuitive and few words were spoken. Only “more passion!!” you heard sometimes. Than I thought, is that even possible? And yes, they showed that more passion was possible. Even they don’t have access to instruments at all times, each of them still managed to play all instruments very well. It’s their dedication and passion for music that touch the souls of the patients, families and hospital staff every Sunday. I really admire the time they invest (at least 3 times a week) for the hospital chapel. And I hope their music will inspire more people around the world like it inspired me professionally and personally. They face challenges because they only have a drumset, 2 old speakers and an amplifier. The rest of the equipment they have to borrow, which are not always available at the times needed. If the hospital chapel would have instruments of their own they would be able to touch more and more often also in forms of musical outreaches.

A lot of donations go to medical equipment for the hospital, which I also find important as a medical doctor. But this band is able to offer a medicine for the soul every week to lots of people at once, which effect can’t be neglected. Therefore I like to shine a light on them, let them grow and support them in sharing their full potential.

I believe that their music can also touch souls outside Malawi. So if you’d like to help, you’ll receive 2 full track video’s, with video tutorials for piano/voice/bass guitar/guitar/drum, and the lyrics with chords, and a translation of the songs. Besides you’ll receive periodically for one year a video with a full song in your inbox if you leave your emailaddress.

Zikomo Kwambiri! (Thank you so much)

Danielle Bourne
Medical doctor, concert pianist, piano teacher, entrepreneur


Nkhoma Hospital Band (NHB) started in 1991 to support patients spiritually. It was formed by 6 hospital staff members of Nkhoma Mission Hospital in Malawi.
As time went by the band started growing and more people joined. Currently, the band is comprised of hospital staff, students from Nkhoma college of nursing, Nkhoma university and William Marley secondary school.
Their main motive is to give hope to the patients and their guardians/family. To offer a medicine for the soul.
Therefore they play every Sunday in the chapel of the hospital. Besides, they sing at the hospital staff services on Wednesday for empowerment and teambuilding. Sometimes they are able to do outreaches to villages near Nkhoma, for people who are unable to travel.
Weekly trainings are on Friday and Saturday whereby each session has 3 hours.
The songs that they sing have a music style which has got a Malawian traditional and rhumba feel. Almost every member knows how to play every instrument because they have time to teach each other.
Despite the sound quality we’ll hope you’ll get a good impression.


  • Target amount: 3000 euro.
  • Equipment list for this project:
    • Keyboard
    • Semi-acoustic guitar plus cable.
    • 6 microphones plus stands and cables ( 12 meters each)
    • Drum sticks
    • Cymbals
    • Recording microphone
    • Camera (for making music clips)
    • Strings: lead guitar, bass and semi acoustic.
  • Shipment in October.
    • Equipment is very expensive in Malawi, so equipment will be bought in the Netherlands and the US. Shipment of large items is also very expensive. But someone from the US offered to ship a guitar and keyboard in October from US to Malawi. Very grateful for that. Smaller items will be shipped by plane by Dutch students in October.
  • Service in return: 2 full tracks video’s with lyrics, translation and chords and tutorial video’s on bass, guitar, drums, piano, voice, after first donation. Afterwards, periodically for one year: 1 video, accompanied with lyrics,translation and chords.

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